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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Holistic Focus: Turn Up The Heat With Bikram Yoga!

I'm hoping to pump up this blog with many more posts that will help unravel & explore the vast topic of holistic health and wellness. This time, I am interested in Bikram yoga... If you're loking for an activity that will (literally!) warm up your Winter days, maybe you could give this a try! It may look hard to do, but don't be fooled... beginners CAN start it up too!

I have been curious about it for some time but to be honest the idea of breaking out in a sweat in public put me off! I am reminded that in getting to know my body, I know it reacts very quickly to heat...  my skin glows and I feel cleansed as the toxins are released through sweat (sounds gross lol). It just feels really refreshing and my muscles seem to stretch much easier. I am starting a 21 day raw diet challenge tomorrow so this is going to be on my list of things to do!

Tip - I was inspired by the video that mentioned ctreating a wellness group with friends to try different classes. What a great idea! Get your friends involved and kep motivated to lead a healthier lifestyle ;o)

So, here are some videos for inspiration, enjoy ;o)

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