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Monday, 29 November 2010

Healing Crystal Adornments + Innerview With Dr. Aminah Dean

Ever since my loc journey began, I have been in love with healing adornments... loc rings wih healing crystals and beads and oooooh so many other beautiful things to decorate natural hair and the body!

For centuries, crystals and natural materials have been used for healing and once we become more aware of the meanings behind them, we can easily use them in our daily life - one such way is through healing adornments! As you already know, I LOVE anything that works on a metaphysical healing level... and this can easily be used daily as a normal part of our lives.

At the moment, I am a little obsessed with mala beads... and I've recently bought a whole heap of gem rings on ebay which feel so amazing to wear. They just stand out so brightly with any outfit! The number of compliments have been amazing.

And as the festive season has begun, it is the perfect time to find adornments that will add that special something to your energy! Or it can also make for a super cute present for someone! The way I like to wear a crystal as a statement with my favourite party dress is by wearing it on my first loc alone. I love how it catches the light and people do take notice of it pretty quick! Subtle but power-full lol!

Here is a great online dictionary of crystal properties - click here. Don't forget that wood and metals have fantastic properties too - click here.

At the moment, my loves are turquoise, obsidian, onyx, moonstone and topaz. I am currently on the look-out for a good online shop that sells loc rings with these crystals. 

Tips: A little trick I do use is that I buy adjustable larger crystal rings on online stores like ebay or etsy, and they work perfectly on my locs - especially as I have thick locs and some loc rings I bought before never made it up past the tip of my locs lol! Rings do range in prices, sizes, styles etc... Another tip is to just feel which one is right for you. this is much easier when you're in an actual shop and can touch the rings... but if it's online, just do the same. Trust that gut feeling that draws you to be attracted to a certain crystal adornment. Last tip - As soon as you get home, cleans and energise the crystal. You don't know where it has been or what energy it has picked up, so pleae clear it's energy - click here for more info on this. When you wear your crystal adornment, be sure to set the intention of it before wearing, eg. "I attract love energy my way!"

Food For Thought
I want to end this post with an inspiring inner-view with a natural health therapist Dr. Aminah Dean who speaks of crystal healing and much more... I know it's long, but well worth hearing as there is much food for thought!

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