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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Holistic Tips: Ditch The Coffee Fix For Lemon Water!

Happy Dec. 2010!!! 
Woo-hoo, let's begin to celebrate the last month of 2010 with a healthy tip - challenge your Self!

It's so simple... but can be so hard to give up!

I know the first thing that would come to mind when I woke up each day was "I need the kettle on for some strong coffee!". And then when I went to work, the coffee was always flowing in my office area. It just became a habit that I knw a lot of people can relate to....

Well, instead of giving up the times you usually have a coffee - why not just substitute it for a healthier cup of hot lemon water???

Why hot lemon water?  ... Read this!

Tip - You don;t have to stick to hot water with your lemon juice... try herbal teas with lemon. I like to use lemons with green tea too!

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