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Monday, 7 June 2010

"I Can'T Tongiht - I'm Washing My Hair!"

There was a time that I used to laugh at this excuse as one that people gave when they just couldn't find any other excuse to say "No, I don't want to go out tonight!" - But with long locs and washing, I have found it to be very true!

Even if I wanted to, my locs would not be dry for hours and I find my Self having to spend a whole day for my washing/drying routine - even then, my locs are still wet the next morning lol.  Ahhhhhhh!

"Yes, I really can't go out tonight as I am washing my locs" lol...

So, saying that, I'm making it a space for ME! 

My routine ~ A glass of wine, a super-relaxing-self-scalp massage and a long relaxing shower for washing locs and body, with plenty of lemongrass essential oil sprinkled throughout. This is also a great time where I try out new products and listen to new tunes. I sometimes like to see this time as a meditative process... time to think, use affirmations, explore Self, listen to meaning-full lyrics and basically shut off any stress-factors at this time. Just time for SELF. 

What are your naural hair washing routines?

1 comment:

Zebulion said...

I get my shampoo, which is dr bronner's peppermint liquid soap with a few 'tings in the mix. after a rigorous washing, oil then seperate. I oil with jojoba and nothing else. then let it air dry. It's not as intimate or spa as I'd like, but that's all apart of creating your reality: knowing how things can get better, and inching towards such.