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Friday, 18 December 2009

London Street Art

[Lesson 5648...] Take the time to enjoy your local murals/street art as they have a habit of dissappearing just as fast as they came! [/Lesson_over]

Love em' or hate em', every city and town has them - Street art!

What say you, yay or nay?!?

OK, so there quite a few around that bug the ish out of me, but then the ones that do make me smile make up for it. Some places suit street art more than others, where it looks out of place. My area is known for its artist parties lol and just down the road from me, there is a house that purposely covered their front wall with a really beautiful piece of artwork. I pass it everyday when I'm off to work, yet I only took the time to really admire it once last week. The next day, the council came around and hid it with black paint... Hmmmm, now it looks a real mess! ... missing it.

Celebrating street art in London...
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