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Friday, 11 December 2009

Perfect Gift Ideas: WeMoon - Stay In Tune

One of the things that I knew I had to work on this year was being organised. So when I got a lovely WeMoon calendar, one part of me was thinking that I would honestly forget about it after week 3 of this year. But it was quite the opposite! Every page is filled with wonderful inspiration, celebrating Wombanhood, plenty of creative artwork and poems that were perfect for reflection throughout the months! It stayed with me everyday and became a joy to use as a personal Self tool. The theme of being "On the crossroads" was also very timely.

So, I'm looking forward to treating myself to this gift for the upcoming year! And I will be sure to send one out to a few of my circle sisters who I feel connected to.

I LOVE the topic for 2010...

We’Moon 2010: Reinvent the Wheel is a wake-up call. Riding on the thin rim of the Wheel of Change, between alarm at what humankind has wrought and trust in Spirit at the center, We’Moon 2010 inspires us to Reinvent the Wheel to transform and repair the earth’s sacred order.

“O Goddesses of the Great Round! Gaia, Mother Nature, Changing Woman. We are in awe of your mighty spinning, your Great Cycles of Life/Death/Re-birth. Help us to repair the world, reinvent the human spin. Even as we swing round toward the unthinkable, help us to trust in your Wholeness.” (from the Invocation for We’Moon 2010).

As the Wheel of the Year spins through solar, lunar, astrological cycles, We’Moon artists and writers offer hopeful images of next steps. They invite us deep into the wisdoms of past generations and indigenous earth-loving peoples, calling us to the land, where women have renewed passion for growing food sustainably. We’Moon pages frame urgency about war and climate change with visual beauty and graceful word, conjuring reinventions of self, celebrating diversities of ethnic traditions, embracing the cycles of life and death. Women share their work on personal healing and on restoring planetary balance; We’Moon 2010 serves as chronicle and oracle of these changes.

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Anonymous said...

this is will be my first year of using a we'moon date book. i'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival.

i'm kind of excited to see what it contains.