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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Winter Solstice: Dear Self 2010 - Onwards

A while ago I wrote an article called Self-Defining Your Expectations and it really got me thinking about what it is NOW that I need to work on. It's funny how this time of year brings reflection to a whole new level. And with tomorrow's Winter solstice, the powerful energies seem to be shifting my Self on so many levels. So, I wrote my Self a letter as a reminder of what it is I want and a reminder ...Affirm-ative!

Dear Self,

How are you? ... How are you really?
Why are you feeling __________ (insert mood) right now?

Did you know that you are unique, that you hold gifts and amazing potential to do whatever it is that you desire? And how much of that do you believe?

Now is the time to move forward... to accept that any negativity in the past is a positive lesson and to let go of all the attachment of negative emotions that hold you back.

Now is the time to build new habits that will challenge and inspire you towards your own goals (physically, mentally, spiritually...) and to nurture existing habits that keep you balanced and Self loved.

What if you stopped being so hard on your Self? Who or what is really the root of that negative force? Know that you are not competing with any one else. This is YOUR life and your pace.

Let creativity be your ultimate driving force - with it comes inner-knowledge, strong instinct, fantastic connections and self-acceptance. How will you express your Self today creatively?

And yes, on a practical level... the daily life of "me" can be chaotic and fast. It is my responsibility to take or make the time needed to full-fill my inner space.

Listen to your body and your energy levels - what is draining you? Know that you have the choice to cut or de-attach your Self from it.

And laugh! Any time, any excuse to. Make sure you get your fair share of laughter lines by the end of your life because they are beautiful!

Stay tuned!

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