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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Travel Inspiration: A Woman's Tale!

I don't mind throwing away old things - but there are some things I will REFUSE to get rid of or re-cycle. My books. My precious books. I still have books on my shelf from my teen days and I still smile when I see the covers on the dusty shelf. My books are precious to me. Mind you, I don't have as many as I thought I did... but each one has a crazy tale or memory attached to it that remains positive to me. So, I keep them and treasure their stories.

One of these books was "The Road Within". I bought this book when I first came to London. I was still pretty much a care-free travel junkie (my travel life has slowed down since but that will soon change lol!). All these years later, I'm enjoying the collection of books from Travelers' Tales . And now I am delighted to see this latest book out from them... "The Best Women's Travel Writing 2009" book, part of a series of books that celebrate women's travel. That will be most definately be on my wishlist of books to buy! Sharing travel through story-teling is so magical to me, it keeps me motivated and reminded that travel will always be a great part of my life - and I need to nurture it!

I feel there is an amazing bond between traveling women. There is a special supprt network that travelling women seem to naturally oversatnd and create between eachother. For this reason, I wanted to share these links that have been so useful to me over the years...

Please do post and share your links and travel nspired resources!

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Mae said...

I am reading a book called, Without Reservations right now....getting me prepared for my own travel...