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Friday, 24 April 2009

Our Magical Doorway

I think doorways have always been a symbol of a sacred place, a Self-home and OM barrier that protects us from the inside/outside worlds. So it is no wonder that in many cultures, doors are always decorated in creative and symbolic ways and used in meditations - bright and full of life. A warm welcome and special point where people leave/enter.

This came to mind while re-watching one of my favourite Spanish films "Caotica Ana" and she would always draw or paint a doorway in her home, which symbolised an entrance to her past lives and her inner-being. She knocks on it and listens...

I feel like the connection of everyday material things/objects to our spiritual Self has been lost in many ways.

A door can carry with it negative energy too, into your home, if it is not properly cleansed or guarded. I only ever really invite people who are positive and objects which will serve as Self tools through my door. It is also said that "lower" energy and negativity is carried at floor level so its a good idea to leave shoes and stamp feet before entering further into your home.

And it works the other way too. When you leave your home in the morning (or any other time), do you bless your journey ahead at your doorway?

As a Reiki healer, I try to remember to cleanse my door using Reiki regularly. I will be looking into decorating it on the inside too (plants etc), with affirmation and art to keep my journey to the outside world feeling light and positive! ... Another thing to add on my to-do list as I clear my home out now.

Some reflection Q's to ask your Self:
What does your doorway of your home mean to you?
How will you make your door sacred in your home?
How will you bless your day when going through your doorway to the outside world?

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