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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hair Inspiration: Natural Hair and Big Chop Documentary

I found this little gem... discussing natural hair and the issues around it.

It's always interested to see different points of views regarding this topic - and what a HUGE topic it is lol!

The topic that hits me most is natural hair in the workplace... and I have seen this topic re-posted in every natural hair forum over and over again, where it becomes a discussion point, for example: in interviews - how to wear your hair, head wrap or not etc. In my experience, I feel confidence speaks louder than hair - and I personally would not like to work for a company/workplace who didn't accept my hair or made me feel that I needed to change to suit it. But in saying that, I would be lying to you if I said that I never thought about it many times in my early loc days when I was going through stages of having to go to job and study interviews.

In the end, I realise that it is my body/hair and I should have the choice to be who I am freely. By going into an interview (or in any situation in life), the more I felt comfortable with my Self, the more it reflected in my performance and the positive energy I project. The rest is beyond my control - For me I feel it is a wasted and pointless battle to try and change/convince others on a topic that most times they have already made their mind up on - and maybe won't ever change.

Even before the famous book came out "The Secret", I was a believer in the law of attraction. And it works... Just be positive and pro-active! The rest follows.

Head high! ;o)

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