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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Locs Update! Pictures, Thoughts & Routine Info...

Freshly washed freeform locs - 8 Years 8 Months of locing!
Texture Shots - I combed out the end of one of my locs:

Today I received a surprise email from someone who has been following my loc journal from when it started way back in 2001, time flies! And she asked me why I wasn't talking so much about loc care in my new website or sharing pics here and what happened to my older Holistic Locing group website. Thanks so much! It made me smile ;o)

To answer these Q's: I am in the process of adding pages to this website ( which will have updated info on loc care - I feel the older website has a lot of old links and information missing so stay tuned for that! Why haven't I been talking so much about loc care here so far? Mmmmmm, I guess I stopped thinking about my loc journey now - it pretty much takes care of its Self lol! ... which is why I love locs so much! After it matured, I got more and more used to just letting them BE. I am keeping everything pretty simple too - wash and go! I love African black soap and natural shampoos. After a wash, I rinse with Apple cider vinegar and put on Oyin's honey hemp conditioner (which lasts me a LONG time!). Leave in for a few minutes then rinse and go! That's it. I feel my locs have been much healthier since keeping it simple. I love brushing my locs too with a soft bristle brush, in roots to tips direction - keeping my locs fluffy and lint-free. This is great tod o after a good spritz of water/lemongrass essential oil mix in a spray bottle. Smells yummy and fresh! And my scalp feels so relaxed! I do this in the morning and night to freshen my locs. In Summer, I rinse and wash more often. In Winter, I try to keep them protected with headwraps or in buns and protective styles.

About the Holistic Locing group - It was such a shame to let it go. I had many members which I valued and loved as they shared a lot! So this is why I have created this space. So much holistic info was lost so I felt it was time to revive it here! Let me know what you think and what you would like to see here! All comments welcome ;o)

About posting pics: Honestly, it did put me off doing so after finding a few of my loc pics scattered in other websites. If you want to use it, please ASK! And add my website to the pictures too.

I did try to pick out one of my locs to see my texture again. I've been getting so many dreams of loose hair, Ijust got super curious lol! I'm not sure what hair type it is.... maybe you could post up your thoughts on what you think it maybe. I used to say it was 3C but now my texture seems to feel so different. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.

Are my locs heavy? No, maybe only when wet. Over the years, I have joined two/three locs together so I don't have many locs (maybe less than 50!) and I'm glad too. It keeps my locs feeling light. The most important thing I wanted was to have a thick root base so my locs didn't thin out (I lost 1 or 2 to thinning which was heartbreaking lol!).

So, that's it really! Enjoy ;o)


BlackAngel said...

I've always loved your lock sites, your fotki (until I forgot the password.) When I saw your post on nappturality, I had to RUN here to see what was up. :) I'm glad to see your locks are doing great and so are you.


Jc said...

This is interesting. I'm going to have to read your blog in more detail this weekend!!