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Monday, 20 April 2009

Un-Plug. The Simple Life!


How good it feels to simply switch off the world of TV!

It took me back to a time where I made the conscious decision to not have a TV in my living space. And I can honestly say that at that point, I felt at my most creative! No distractions, no longer being fed images/information that I had limited control over or was tempted to keep absorbed in, my imagination and creativity provided a space to work and explore. Maybe this sounds a little extreme, but I do honestly believe that the TV can be our worst enemy when it comes to nurturing creativity.

So here I am all these years later, plugged into the TV and my only existing TV crashed and broke in a comedy-style action I clumsily did a few days ago. And I now remember how it is and feels to have new energy without it. Do I miss it? Yes! But thank goodness for the internet... I feel like what I am watching is MY choice (choosing the re-runs on websites of specific shows I feel connected to), not just a series of adverts/messages that lead me to mindlessly watch on to programmes that serve me no creative purpose. Yes, it could very easily be my own fault too for not just switching the TV off after a specific show, but you know how it is... it's so easy to just flick and catch on to another.

So rambling almost over - I'm just glad I did remember!

It's also part of my decision to simplify my life further... less clutter or "stuff", less spending on need-less rubbish that I know I don't need but felt like buying anyway, removing old for new! Mind-fully DE-CLUTTER my space. Speaking of simple living, here is a book I LOVE... it just gets down to the vital points of action!

How to Simplify Your Life: Seven Practical Steps to Letting Go of Your Burdens and Living a Happier Life by Werner Tiki Kustenmacher and Lothar J Seiwert

Some simple living and de-clutter websites to explore:


Anonymous said...

So I should unplug my tv...but keep my computer?

Holistic Locs said...

I guess that a personal choice ;o) For me, I know the TV takes up a lot of my time and the computer doesn't, plus I feel the internet can be a much more useful tool for me than the TV - but some would say that they would rather unplug their computer, or both lol! It's an individual thing!

- Holistic locs

Anonymous said...

nice entry.

i feel you regarding tv. i rather have the computer connection than television because there's so much more that can be done via the internet. with the tv, you just watch what's on or turn the channel.