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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Super Natural... Sista Clarisse

I'm loving this woman ;o)

This song is a constant in my player at this moment...

I enjoy tuning into music that celebrates how a woman feels about their Self.... the way SHE wants to celebrate her beauty (inner/outer) and not what we are often told is a symbol of beauty... So what truly does make you feel be-you-to-full?

This is what this song means to me when I listen to it. I wonder how I have changed through the years in my own inner vision of what makes me feel/look beautiful. So much has changed. But there is always a familiar theme that runs through the stages... "Your health is your wealth" - I feel beautiful when I feel healthy (Grounded by a healthy body/Earth vehicle and uplifted by an inspired mind/soul). And when the sun shines!

We've been getting plenty of that here! London has had a nice taste of Summer sunshine and the warmth has kept me far FAR away from my computer... so I've been a bit lazy with updates in this blog. It's nice to be able to return and find some emails with your feedback on these posts - Give thanks!

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