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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Reflection: TRUST!


The Universe/God/ess always has your best interests at heart...

Even when the situation seems at its lowest!
In those dark moments, ask your Self: 

"If we attract everything into our lives, what is the negative situation/person/etc reflecting from your Self?"

"What can I learn from this negative experience?" 

"What new direction am I being pushed to make for my journey right now?" 

"Maybe this was the right thing to happen for me to realise (Real-I-RISE) something that I need to learn/remember/explore?"

Change is a sign that you are Self-evolving!
It's not always easy though...


1 comment:

alldaynatural said...

You are an angel..always knowing the most inspiring music/quotes/readings to bring into your readers' lives. Thanks for sharing. :-)