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Monday, 15 November 2010

Love Your Shadows.

Spirituality means everything to me.

And over the years, it feels like second nature to me to do things daily that others like to label as leading a "spiritual lifestyle"... it has become a deep part of me - so much so that I don't consciously label it as anything now. It's only when I am comfronted with an observation or question  from another person on my beliefs that I am reminded by others that Yes... I am spiritual. The way I see life has now become a complete spiritual learning experience... I don't ever feel like I am a "grown-up", just always growing. 

I'm taking these days to reflect on the beginning of this journey and my choice to make a commitment to it. 

Why now? 

... A few weeks back I was having a conversation with another girl who has just started reading up on this whole  HUGE topic of spirituality/mind-body-spirit and she mentioned all the books that I had first started with... I saw how excited she was, like it was a huge adventure that she was about to take! It took me back to my first spiritual book when I was 16. And it also hit me hard... how so much has changed... and happened since then. With her whole new excitement, so many shifts and barriers have been broken in her life - in such a small space of time. It is wonderful news!!!
I ask my Self.... The key questions are: 
Am I STILL excited about this journey? 
And if not, WHY not?

After all, excitement and its feeling for anything in our lives always brings about strength and a great force that promotes Self-progress.

It's funny, it reminds me of my locing journey... how the first years of learning about natural hair and locing was just THE most exciting thing - all the new information, websites, videos, products etc... you name it! It made me feel so passionate about my locing journey. Fast forward to now: Honestly, it doesn't even cross my mind that I have locs because it feels like a very normal part of my life and routine! 

OK - Silly comparison (even though my locs do feel spiritual to me in many ways), but you see what I mean right lol?!?

Egyptian Sky Goddess.
 Commissioned by Sage Magazine/ Goddess Oracle Book/ Goddess Oracle Tarot Cards/and Calendars.
The painting was done by Artist Hrana Jant
So, coming back to my daily life and Self-growth... I feel like in order to move forward and get that same excitement again, it is so important to really re-evaluate the shadows... it's only then that the energy begins to lighten, loosen and gets back some (v)itality...

This time of the year is very much the dark side of Self-growth... which is not a bad thing. It just means that nature is getting back to hibernation mode, taking time to rest, heal and meditate on nourishment (physically and spiritually)... I'm enjoying the darkness, the crunch of the leaves under my boots, the way the wind sounds and the stubborn rain lol. I'm even enjoying the sunsets at around 4pm (never thought I'd say that lol!).

The Universe/You-In-Verse also showed up with an email on this topic just an hour ago that inspired me to write here on this... Love Your Shadows With These Words  - it made so much sense to me!

Now all that's left to meditate on is - what can I do/change/learn in my life *right now* that will bring that same excitement back?

If something is important in our life, it's so important to keep excited about it! To make the effort to keep the passion there, even though it is a normal part of daily life...

I realise small things often provide just that.


Coily Mystic said...

this post was some what inspiring to me. I have always been curious about meditation and learning about my spirit instead of dwelling on worldly issues that are happening in the present. What would you recommend for me to begin my spiritual journey?


Holistic Locs said...

Greetings coily mystic!

Thank you for your positive comments!

I would suggest starting a beginner's yoga class in your area - that way, you'll really get connected to your body-mind connection, meditation and others to share with in class!

Get comfy at local libraries and check through all the books related to mind/body/spirit... the best books I ever found were the ones I just felt drawn to for some your instinct guide you.

Also, get creative in new ways that are belly dancing lol! Having fun with your body is so key to getting to know who you are!

Hmmmmmm, but if anything, get to try out meditation daily if possible - there are some fantastic guided audios that you can buy or search online for to get you started.

Hope that helps! Then just take it from there and it will open up slowly to reveal more direction to learn and grow with.

LOVE your blog ;o)

Coily Mystic said...

thank you from the bottom ofmy heart!