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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Self Talk: Watch Out For Energy Vampires!

This topic comes up a lot in my life (and in this blog!). You will most likely have come across this topic/feeling too... just a few examples...

You just finished talking to someone and you feel drained/tired/headaches/negative afterwards... energy vampires. 

You walk into a room and get a bad feeling about something or related to someone/some people... energy vampires.

Or when you are in a situation with total strangers (on the bus, walking, etc) and you suddenly feel much more negative now than when you left the house in the first place - for no obvious reason... energy vampires.

Some people will disguise their Self to you as a friend and then either (intentionally or subconsciously) transfer all their negativity to you, always talking and not letting you get your thoughts in, only ever around when they need something or when they want to vampires. (Note: There is a huge difference between a person asking for advice and sharing experiences to consantly wanting to take from you!)

These are just some signs (to me) that I am near or interacting (directly or indirectly) with energy vampires. And it affects me, whether I realise it or not. I'm being very careful to keep them away!

Here are a couple of videos that explore this topic perfectly.

Enjoy ♥

My first reaction when I sense one is to back off! To let them know politely that you need your space or to just literally avoid them.

But sometimes, it's not always possible... like at work. That annoying co-worker who you have to deal with daily. So, during these times I have found it much easier to let go and practice detachment - deep breathing, creating a mental barrier where I visualise a protective zone around me. And more often than not, they sense it. It's not something I like to do but I realise it has become an essential thing to do!

Have you ever come across this? 
And how did you deal with it?

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