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Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh YES! A Summer Sugar Scrub

There a few simple things that can instantly cheer me up... having a regular sugar scrub is one of mine!

It's super easy to make, ingredients can be changed around to suit your needs, much cheaper than most of the scrubs bought at shops and is fun!

Here is the basic way to make it (I would suggest to use a natural oil instead as most baby oil products contain mineral oils, etc)...

My personal favourites: I always add lemongrass or vanilla essential oils and sweet almond oil (which doesn't have a strong smell like many other oils and is easily absorbed). It feels light and smells uplifting. I also like to do a combination with the sugar I use: 1 cup organic brown sugar and 1 cup natural cane sugar works well for me. I like mine less runny. Honey is also an ingredient that I love using, we all know how good it is for skin and hair! If I am using it on my face, I leave it on for a little while too, before rinsing. Very rich and moisturising!

I find that using sugar instead of salt is a much more gentle way of exfoliating the skin (minus the sting!) ... but I do love salt scrubs for tougher areas that aren't as sensitive, like my feet! For more great info, read this - have fun!

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