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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Travel Talk: Top 10 Blogs With Insight On LIfe Abroad!

There are 3 topics that I usually love when reading blogs... natural hair, natural/holistic lifestyle and... insights on life in other countries! These topics are almost guaranteed to get me hooked lol.

Travel is my passion - I LOVE it! I need it lol. So, having first hand insider's thoughts to living/travel in different parts of the world is such am inspiration. I hope to move from the UK and spend more time abroad again... not sure where just yet! I just know that my "itchy feet" are calling out to tread new paths out there...

Choosing just 10 of my regular blogs with great insights to life abroad is very difficult - there are so many out there that I follow.

But, if I had to choose, this list would be it...

My Top 10 Travel Blogs

Running Mommy - Life in Abu Dhabi, Middle East.

My So-Called Life In France - Life in France and Europe.

American Black Chick In Europe - Mixed bag of insights in different parts of Europe.

This Time Now - Life in Seoul, South Korea.

Paris Focus - Life in Paris, France.

Wife. Bride. Life - Life in Scotland.

Nikita The Traveller - Mixed bag of travel insights.

Kiratiana Travels - Mixed bag of travel thoughts.

Afro-Europe - Mixed bag of news on European life.

Urban Travel Girl - Mixed bag

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