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Friday, 18 June 2010

Summer Solstice 2010

Summer Solstice 2010 is coming fast!
This weekend leads up to it...
What will you be doing?

I think this is such a perfect time to start new projects, visualisations, ideas and get the creative juices flowing!

I'm taking up the liver cleanse detox and working on my vision board! I've already started the process of going through my huge pile of magazines... at first it felt painful cutting any images up... I just love them so much lol! But soon enough, I have found that I've cut out almost too many images now lol!

There is a festival in my local park, I HOPE the weather stays bright for it!

I'm also working on my new website for my holistic health centre, which I am looking forward to! We have 8 wonderful therapists in different fields working there now and growing! I work within a very corporate environment/location in London, so it's a blessing that a lot of the therapists/clients/local staff have commented that it's a refreshing relaxing space within such a hectic part of town. I am grateful for this opportunity!

All in all, a progressive weekend to get things moving in different areas in my life ;o)

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