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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Great Videos: The Body Image Project

Happy JUNE!!! 

This month is very much a focus on body image for me and new directions- what I feel about my body and general Self-confidence in my Self and direction in life. I feel that I am in this transition point and it has been very testing! Just another sign that I am growing and it's exciting and scary, all at the same time lol.

As women we are constantly put under pressure by  the "should-look-like", "should-be-doing", "should-be-working-as" perceptions that the media blow out every day, even on a totally subconscious level. It saddens me that in some occasions, women are usually the ones who Self-hate on eachother, instead of lending a foundation of support! And worst of all, maybe we are our own worst critics most times lol!?!

I came across the body image project, which features a selection of videos exploring Self image and our true feelings about our own body. Very interesting!

Here are some that inspired me...

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