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Sunday, 30 May 2010


Today I HAD to re-affrim a few things in my life... 

I am the total of my own choices - and I have no regrets about them.

What may have seemed wrong now was the best thing at the time, for what I knew at the time, for how I was feeling at he time... At the time, this was my best choice. I trust my Self enough to know that I cannot compare what I know now to then... At the time, I was who and what was good for me... at that time. No regrets, just good lessons. And now that I am here at this time, I know I have learned so much!

My body is my responsibility.

... And no one else's. I decide how to treat it and if I am not nourishing it and keeping it in tip top form, then it's my responsibility to put that right. My body is a Self expression of who I am - how I dress it, how I choose to wear my natural hair, who I choose to share it with... it's all my business and responsibility. I will make sure that I do my best to treat this spiritual vehicle the best way I know how. And during those days when I can't fit into my skinny jeans, when my belly is growing with a child or my hormones are jumping off the walls, I will trust my Self to know what to do because this body is changing, growing and evolving with time and age - different stages of life. And somehwre in the future, when I look into the mirror and glance at my laughter lines, I will laugh harder and appreciate how far I have come with this body of mine!

Re-defining Self is just a natural way of moving on.

Change is transition. Change is natural. To re-invent your Self is about exploring Self and experimenting. The sooner I get used to regular changes, the sooner I can start to learn that detachment from a stage will bring you to another level of being... happy. I am not afraid of change. I am not afraid to experience the discomfort of leaving my comfort zone. It just means I am growing... and it should be a time to celebrate the next stage ahead.

There is a reason for everyone you meet.

...Whether they become a close friend for life or just a casual good morning nod on the neighborhood street, there is somethng amazing about connecting with people. Everyone has a story to tell. Maybe it's time to stop and listen for a while, take the time to actually listen to some of the people who pass you by in life. What would you learn? For once, stop indulging in my own world and detach from it for a while to really see others.

The great outdoors.

Yes, the UK is pouring with rain most days of the year and when it actually does shine, people often moan that it's too hot outside lol. Can we ever win?!? The great outdoors is a topic here. And am I guilty of getting lazy because there is no sun? Yes. But when I start to think about how amazing the seasons are, I start to appreciate the cold, the snow and now... the sun. maybe its time to get to know more green spots around me. Stretch. Sit for a while - in any weather - and just enjoy! I LOVE the sun, but I think the great outdoors should be  just as great at other times of the year too!

Never box LOVE.

... it just makes sense on many different levels/meanings.

Being alone is valuable time.

There will be times when you will be alone - you will want to go to a concert and no-one is free to go or when you pass by an inviting restaurant and have no one to share a meal with... So what then? Just go and do it alone! I have friends who hate the thought of their own company... they would much rather go somewhere with a person who they don't like that much just so they are not alone. "Little Miss No Mates". There is freedom in doing things alone. It's empowering and enjoyable... and whats best, there is no one you need to explain your Self to. Why stop trying and doing things just because your friends are out of town? Who knows who you might meet and what you might learn?

This moment is perfect.

... Enough said!     ;o)

... So it may not be right for everyone, bu this is my version to re-AFFIRM.

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TYM said...

I love this! Keep up the words of wisdom :D