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Friday, 16 April 2010

Therapist Files: What Your Teacher Never Told You After Completing Your Course

So, you've spent your time and money training in a field of holistic health and now what?!? Yes, you'll find an opportunity to work somewhere... perhaps in  a spa, natural health clinic, hospital etc, or even just with your family/friends... but what else is there to expect that your teachers might not have told you?

Here are some issues that might come up and that was part of my journey...

It gets (Self) personal

(Self) Personal: Being true to Self and what works for you, being open to others and defining your choices in life.

Every therapist I met has a personal story to why they became a holistic health care practitioner, most of which is related to issues and health that they had to overcome long before training.

Business becomes personal, where the clients we attract and the places in which we work now become a personal reflection of who we are as therapists. I'm interviewing therapists now and it is very clear that every therapist is conscious about where they work and how they feel about their general work environment (the energy, the people, the work space etc).

Reactions by others become personal. Some people in the health care industry truly believe (and will be open to expressing) that complementary health care is a complete waste of time and does not work. This can be fustrating at first, especially if you are trying to explain the benefits to someone who has already made up their mind. I have long since given up trying to convince anyone, it is a personal choice and I respect that.

Your health becomes personal. What can you do to maintain health in your own life? What will you need to learn to keep up-to-date with the latest research and journals that are constantly bringing up new information.

Your search becomes personal. The search for... the next place to work, your pass times and what will help you grow further.

Therapy swaps.

This is my favourite part!

So often do complementary therapists spend time working with their clients that it can become physically and emotionally draining if some time is not well spent taking care of Self too.

This is where the therapy swaps come in! As well as being such a nice way of meeting other like-minded people and networking, it is time well spent enjoying and exploring new therapies and the benefits of them - for free.

The way it works is that it would literally be an exchange of therapy sessions, where each therapist offers their therapy services in return for a therapy session back. And in between, there is usually time for chat, a cuppa tea and laughter!

My next therapy swap is with a Thai yoga massage therapist next week and I can't wait!!!

Your clients will inspire you!

Yes, they will!

I have regular clients who come and every week, it's an amazng thing to watch your clients grow and enjoy their journey. Most of my clients are pro-active with their own holistic learning so it's great to just be part of that.

The learning does not end there.

It just begins! Once you have ended your course in whatever therapy you have chosen, you are probably going to want to try and learn even more in future. It just opens up everything, where each therapy links and explores a different aspect of health.

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