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Friday, 16 April 2010

The Growing Relationship With Your Body

Today reflection was on how I felt about my body in the here and now...  And I asked my Self these questions:

How has your relationship to your body changed as you have grown older?
Do you like what you see?
Does your body bring about more fear than it used to?
Do you honor the body changes that mark events (child birth etc)?
What has made your body change most over the years?

If you could write a "Dear Body" poem or tribute, what would it say?


Amina said...

I am mostly a lurker but had to comment on this post! Great video!!
Unfortunately I need to work seriously on my body acceptance. When I was a size 4 twelve years ago, I used to think I was fat. Now that I am 12, I just want to cry. I know I don't want to go back to a size 4 and need to figure out what is the best size for me and not the one dictated by society

Deborah Estelle said...

I'm more inclined to believe my body is beautiful as I get older, flaws and all!!! I have also gained a lot of weight and would like to get down 30-65 pounds... HOWEVER in spite of that I am growing more to love me!!!

I read blogs like this and posts like these that really inspire and literally draw me to a better love for self! In other words being more aware and caring with how I treat it.

The way I view my body now is like a part of me that must be treated with love, care and respect. Slow process but prayerfully getting there!