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Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Challenge - Paula Varjack: I Am Only Responsible​.​.​.

Great words byPaula Varjack

"Paula Varjack comes from London, Washington and other places she's forgotten. She's the kind of the girl that will kiss and tell. Not only will she tell, she’ll tell an audience of hundreds. She has been compared to that girl who who found herself in a garden with a pretty but stupid boy, and a sexy but dangerous snake. Caught between her passion/lust/love for London and Berlin, she’s scheming a way to have both."


<a href="">i am only responsible... by paula varjack</a>

I am only responsible...
I woke up this morning
And I decided something
I’m only responsible
For what I say
Not for what you understand
Today I woke up
And realised something
I’m only responsible for what I say
Not for what you understand

If you’re by yourself
IF you enjoy being by yourself
If you get to the point where
You’re so content
Just with yourself
Soon enough
Someone will join you

If you’re with someone
And you love being with someone
And all you can think
Today, tomorrow
The week the year after
Is to never leave them…
One day you or they
Will leave

(wake up tomorrow and tell yourself. ..)
this is the moment
This is the only moment
Right now
That you can be sure of
And whatever you’re doing
Whatever you’ve achieved
This is exactly the place
That you’re meant to be

(Give of yourself
Give as much as you can)
You can’t be anywhere else
Then right here right now
So take it
Open up your hands
Wrap yourself around it
(and allow yourself to..)
Be here with me

We’re creating a memory
We’ll look back at this and remember

(You can do with this whatever you like
you can translate this however you like)

And everything ends…
But for every ending
There’s a beginning
There’s a dream
There’s a future
It’s starting now
Right here

Turn to the person next to you
And say
These words may flow
But I don’t know where they’re going
And I am only responsible
For what I say…

Those words feel SO real to me, right NOW.
Using these words to empower this month!
Time to do a lot more space clearing and cleansing, getting rid of negative energy for this new season ;o)

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