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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Crystal Healing & Space Clearing

Warm Orange

2010 has been so wonderful already!

I had a really good question from a client today. She recently went to a crystal shop and felt drawn to buy a crystal after speaking to the lady selling it.

She asked:
How do I use my crystal(s) to keep my chakras balanced?

Firstly, the best way to find a crystal to work with is to go to a shop that sells them - then you will have time to look around, touch, feel drawn to which crystal(s) feel right for you. Trust your instincts. When you hold each crystal, what feelings do you have? And when you feel drwn to one, take a few seconds to gaze at it... what do you like about it?

If you are not able to go to a shop near you, use meditation, visualisation and clear images to help you.

As a guide, have a look at which chakras and crystals work together.

When you have bought your crystal, one of the first things to do is cleanse its energy. Buy some sea salt and fill a large container with warm water. Add sea salt into the water, stir until dissolved. Then place your crystal(s) into it. Place near a window where it can absorb sunlight. And leave for 48 hours. This will remove negative energy that may have been absorbed by others and people from the shop/environment before you bought it.

You will need to do this 1-2 times a week to keep your crystal positive and healthy.

For full information on crystal cleansing, read this great website with so much information.

Space Clearing:

If you haven't already cleared your home of negative energy for 2010, here are some of my favourite tips to clear your space:

~ I love doing space clearing and meditating everytime I clear or move into a new place. And for New Year too!

~ I know plants have an amazing effect on the energy of a room - If I remember correctly, aloe vera and cactus plants are brilliant for clearing up negative energy. Generally, plants make me feel happy and add some life in a dull/stagnant place.

~ Outside (like in the garden or balcony), I'll use incense but indoors, I'll use an oil burner - favourite essential oils to clear are lemongrass (yum!), rosemary, juniper or peppermint. I light it up as soon as I wake up and keep it on while in the house.

~ I love those small indoor water fountains, so soothing and relaxing!

~ When moving around, a spray of water/essential oils comes in handy - spray in the space (like in the car or office) to give a quick boost to the energy.

~ Hanging up positive images and pictures, especially around mirrors - when reflecting Self in the mirror, to include your positive images/affirmations.

~ Negative energy is heavy and at feet/ground level, so apparently stamping your barefeet hard when romoving shoes at the door helps to disperse it so it doesn't enter and drag into your home.

~ Only allowing positive people into your home - don't bring bad company into your sacred space.

~ Use natural materials where posible to connect with nature.

~ Using colour to uplift in lighting and home decor.

~ Having a rose quartz in the room to bring and enhance love energy.

~ Having a shower when coming back from outside so you remove energy from other people/places.

~ Having fresh flowers or drying your own flowers (I hang my flowers upsaide down to make dry flowers) around the house.

~ Having a special sacred space at your home where you meditate, post up images and reflect.

~ Having as much natural lighting as possile in the day hours.

~ Cleaning with non-toxic natural products.

~ Blessing the main doorway with good intention so when you enter or leave your house, the energy is carried with you.

Hope that helps ;o)

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