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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Taking A Leap Into The Unknown...

So what happens when you have a nice job, great home etc. - everything feels "nice 'n comfy"....but I also have a nagging feeling of restlessness, like I am meant to be doing something different? I ask my Self if I am feeling ungrateful for all the good things I do have by not taking them into account and appreciating them properly. Closely followed by questions on where this guilt is coming from and why should I feel guilty for wanting more? Another fear arises: What is it that should be different and is this journey into the unknown really going to be as "comfy" or better than where I first took off from? I have a million things flying through my head. It's not new and it makes me reflect on my personal fears...

As always, it is in these times when inspirational readings for reflection help... this one is by the Daily Motivator:


"In the turmoil and discomfort of the unknown, great discoveries are made. The untested possibilities are the ones with the most spectacular potential to change the world.

Doing what you've always done will get you what you've always had. Reach beyond the familiar. Venture into the unknown. Explore the possibilities which extend in all directions from this very moment.

Take a few steps away from the predictable and it will challenge you. Don't let your destiny lie forever hidden under your comfort. There are ways to express your love that will astound you, ways to have fun that will thrill you, ways to make a living that will amaze you. Stretch away from where you are and you'll know them.

You were born to grow, to learn, to explore. Never stop."

By Ralph Marston

I will be meditating on this!


jenteel said...

fabulous - i will be meditating on this also!

cheleski said...

i am right there with you. at 40, i am so restless and just want to do this book thing fulltime-but the job nags at me. i'm searching for the courage and planning for my future as i type. Good luck to you as well my sista.