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Sunday, 3 May 2009

DIY Loc Care: Threading And Repair

The topic of loc repair comes up A LOT on several hair care forums I visit - Over the years, I have done many DIY loc surgery and repair methods. This video explains everything so well that I felt I had to post it up for anyone who may be needing to repair a few.

The great thing about locs is that you can change it over the years... from attaching to combining to cutting etc At the most extreme case, I have also heard locers to cut their locs off, enjoy their loose/afro hair for a while before re-attaching all their locs back on! I have even heard of a lady who attached a friend's locs on her own head.....Hmmmmmmmmmm lol.

So this video explains it all! I'll leave it to her to talk you through it!

Happy locing! ;o)

1 comment:

Quiet Riot said...

That was very helpful. Is there anyway to repair a loc that has broken off from being too thin?

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