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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Reflections: Spring Cleaning Just Got Deeper...

Happy April!

This is the time of the year when I start to really get excited. It's the time when we start to notice that 5.30pm no longer seems like a a dark scurry of people rushing home to escape the rush hour. And when I start to see bundles of yellow adding a new and refreshing uplift to the grey skyline of London. Spring time makes me very happy!

But this year does feel different. The air feels much thicker, with a lot of gloom that the usual Spring uplift won't shift. Whether I like to hear it or not, the financial crisis is bringing up a lot of unrest and day-to-day talk that I can't escape, even if I try. Which is why this year's Spring cleaning is going to start with a much deeper look at how going back to basics does really work. I have often caught many people (in the media and in daily life) saying that now is a time when collective positive thoughts need to progress further, where values are placed and re-organised in a different way and when survival is no longer just about money matters and how heavy our wallet is. And a time when Spring cleaning will have to last a lot longer than just one season.

There is a lot of work to be done and it is something that I feel everyone can relate to on one level or another. I do feel really bad for those who have fallen in this current climate. But on a positive note, I do feel this will actually be a good opportunity to seek new directions that will bring lasting positivity. A new job, a new career, maybe time to go back and educate (through academic courses or by Self taught methods) to keep positive. I love the many stories that are coming up of people who were made reduntant at work and then found their joy in starting up a business of their own.

Spring cleaning and de-cluttering is much more than just a physical act of getting rid of unwanted and unnecessary items in our daily space. It is a state of mind, the act of de-cluttering toxic thoughts that stop Self from living to our fullest potential. It's the act of finding purpose and cutting through negative chit-chat that cloud our minds with worry, anger and fear....
All these things can stop the natural flow of Universal energy in our lives that manifest into material...

A few reflection Q's:
If money is simply a form of energy exchange, how can you find resourceful ways of using your gifts and interests to keep it flowing?
What can you sell or swap in your home space hat will bring in new energy and/or income?
What does money and security really mean to you in non-materialistic terms?
What can you de-clutter in your mind right now that will bring you opportunities that you didn't think of due to mind clutter?
Can you connect with friends or family members who share your creative energy, work on new ventures, to create a trong flow?
Think out of the box.

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