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Saturday, 11 April 2009

OM! Beauty: Botanical Scents

Gentle and natural scents to keep you in tune with nature!
I was on the look-out for natural botanical perfumes that would bring Spring/Summer to full blossom.
Here are some shops, links and products to try:
Sakura solid perfume by Lush
Solid perfumes are different from alcohol-based scents as they melt into your skin in an earthy & sensual manner, melding with your own scent, and becoming a scent unique to you. Yes, this will smell slightly different depending on who is wearing it. Solid natural perfumes are a discreet way to wear a scent as it will scent you rather than the entire room. Lush has a whole range of other fragrances in different forms too!

Eau de toilette fraƮche Lilas by Yves Rocher
Oh my! I have to say that I am the last person to choose a floral perfume - I used to avoid them like the plague before, until this came along! Subtle, fresh, super feminine and can be worn on any occasion. This feels beautiful to wear. And the floral scent is not overpowering at all. Like Lush, there is a whole range of fragrances to try!
Etsy does many online shops that sell botanical perfumes.
If you still feel like exploring botanical perfumes and want to support handmade creativity, these are great Etsy shops to buy from! A wide range to suit anyone.

Roxana - Illuminated perfume - Etsy shop

Arte del Profumo - Etsy shop

If you wish to learn more about botanical perfumes, visit this blog.


plantfolk said...

mmmm, seeing this has motivated me to make my own essential oil based scent. i've got the essential oils, the candelila wax, just need some shea butter and it's on! lol


Ritesh said...

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