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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Challenging Workouts - With a Latin Dance And Fitness

With the warmer weather coming in, I wonder why it is that I hadn't been able to quite stick to my workout programme that I had lined up back in Autumn! In truth, I am not a fan of anything cold (I never did understanding why people love ski holiday -uh uh lol!) so Winter is always a time where I feel like eating more and being in hibernation mode. Even though, I have kept to doing regular yoga sessions and I now want to try out more challenging workouts...

I've always loved dancing and Latin music. Capoeira has been a key interest to me for some time too so I was glad to finally find a few DVDs that gave me a combination of challenging workouts, that incorporated all of these... and more!

This has been sweeping across the world and has reached the UK with a BANG lol. This form of execrates seriously works out your whole body but the good thing is, the music really keeps you going with a fusion of mainly Latin music and other types of feel-good rhythms. I bought the box set which had 4 DVDs, from beginner's level to Power Zumba and a toning section for your lower body. Watch some youtube clips on Zumba and visit the main website for details on all their products.

Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body Workout DVD

This has been an enjoyable workout DVD to add to my little growing collection. It includes different sections, including a section with a combination of Capeoria and upper body workouts which I found to be a nice mix. Below, you'll find some videos that will show you a little on this DVD.

The Capeora Workout

This was by far the most challenging DVD workout! I had heard many good things about this teacher and was delighted to hear that she had a DVD out to do Capoeira and practice the moves at home.

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