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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Divine Incense: Creating Energy Flow In Sacred Spaces

Spiritual Connection To Incense:

When Spring hits, the first signs I usually notice is the fresh smell of the Spring air, especially when I pass by my little park daily and start to realise that the air is now filled with new aromas of Spring flowers and plants that are embracing the new season. It feels magical!

A few years ago, while working in Barbados with my partner, we used incense every day to cleanse our stall space of negative energy - attracting people and also repelling others. It was then I realised that incense can be so much more than just a way to make an environment smell divine. Incense has been known for many generations in several cultures to have meaning and promote energy on so many levels!

It is important to keep in mind that when buying incense, choose high quality incense that is natural and if you are using it in an enclosed space or room, keep the windows open so that the smoke is not too concentrated and the fresh air can circulate and create flow.

Here are a list of incense properties and how they work with energy...

Allspice ~ Money, Luck, Physical energy
Amber ~ Love, Comfort, Happiness, Healing
Ambergris ~ Psychic ventures, Dreams
Anise ~ Increase clairvoyance
Apple blossom ~ Peace, Success
Apple ~ Bring cheer, Samhain, Healing
Balsam Fir ~ Strength, Break negativity
Bay ~ Purification, Protection, Healing, Psychic powers
Bayberry ~ Protection, Control
Benzoin ~ Purification, Prosperity, Psychic ability
Bergamot ~ Attract money, Uplift spirits
Blueberry ~ Ease emotional heart ache
Camphor ~ Lunar works, Chastity
Cardamom ~ Gain courage for situation
Cedarwood ~ Healing, Purification, Unhexing, Protection, Spirituality, Money
Cherry ~ Love, Spells, Divination
Chocolate ~ Peace, Soften strangers
Cinnamon ~ Purifying, Stimulation, Money, Love
Citronella ~ Cleansing, Warding
Clove ~ Stimulating, Stress relief, Memory, Protection, Exorcism, Purification
Coconut ~ Protection, Chastity
Copal ~ Love, Purification, Uplifting, Protection, Exorcism, Protection, Cleansing, Spirituality
Cranberry ~ Uplifting spirits, Love
Cypress ~ Comfort, Healing, Protection
Dessert Rain ~ Revitalize, Cleansing
Dragon's Blood ~ Potency, Protection, Love, Healing
Egyptian Musk ~ Love, Lust
Eucalyptus ~ Healing, Purification
Fern ~ Banish evil
Frankincense ~ Astral strength, Protection, Exorcism, Spirituality, Love, consecration
Frangi Pani ~ Warding off, opening
French Vanilla ~ Love, Psychic abilities
Gardenia ~ Peace, Love, Healing
Geranium ~ Power in rituals/magick
Ginger ~ Success, Empowerment, Money
Heliotrope ~ Psychic power, Attract wealth
Hollyberry ~ Protection, Purify space
Honeysuckle ~ Money, Psychic power
Honeydew ~ Protection, Increase
Hyacinth ~ Good luck, Love, Spirit
Jasmine ~ Love, Money, Dreams
Juniper ~ Calming, Protection, Healing, Love, Exorcism
Kyphi ~ Attract love, Success, Banishing
Lavender ~ Cleansing, Healing, Love
Lemon ~ Psychic/mental clarity, Love
Lemongrass ~ Psychic/mental clarity
Lilac ~ Warding off, Soothing
Lily of the Valley ~ Peace/comfort, Memory
Lime ~ Energy, Fidelity/loyalty, Uncrossing
Lotus ~ Spirituality, Healing, Meditation, Opening, Elevation, Protection
Magnolia ~ Harmony, Psychic awareness, Peace, Nature, Trees, Hair growth
Mulberry ~ Powerful protection, Strength
Musk ~ Aphrodisiac, Prosperity, Courage, Purification
Myrrh ~ Hex-breaking, Meditative, Healing, Protection, Peace, Consecration, Meditation
Myrtle ~ Love, Money, Venus
Narcissus ~ Earth, Grounding, Sleep
Neroli ~ Self-purification, Sexual attraction
New Moon Hay ~ New beginnings, Uplifting
Night Queen ~ Control, Change, Passion
Oak Moss ~ Breathing
Orange Blossom ~ Attracting proposals
Sweet Orange ~ Attract men, Peace, Luck
Patchouli ~ Mastery, Growth, Love
Peach ~ Positive thoughts, Harmony
Pennyroyal ~ Purifying, Water, Gout
Peppermint ~ Energy, Mental stimulant
Pine ~ Grounding, Strength, Cleansing, Money, Healing
Rain ~ Cleansing, Purification
Raspberry ~ Protection, Spirits, Death
Rose ~ Love, House blessing, Fertility
Rosemary ~ Remembrance, Energy
Rue ~ Protection from hexes and curses
Sage ~ Healing, Spirituality
Sandalwood ~ Protection, Exorcism, Healing, Spirituality
Sweet Clover ~ Faithfulness, Protection
Strawberry ~ Love, Luck
Sulfur ~ Protection, Exorcism
Sweet Pea ~ Attraction, Friendship, Strength
Tangerine ~ Uplifting, Energy, Strength
Tea Tree ~ Eliminate confusion, Harmony
Temple ~ Use in sacred space
Thyme ~ Healing, Protection
Tonka ~ Love, Money
Tropical Rain ~ New beginnings
Tuberose ~ Sensuality, Serenity, Calming
Vanilla ~ Lust, Mental powers
Violet ~ Wisdom, Luck, Love, Protection
Watermelon ~ Joy, Revitalizing, Spirits
Ylang Ylang ~ Euphoria, Harmony, Love

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