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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Release Your Inner Ingredient Junkie!

Freedom to KNOW exactly what is in your food, beauty products, home cleansers etc. And knowing that instead of being harmful to you, it’s actually nurturing/feeding you… on all levels.

More and more people are conscious of how ingredients (both used internally and externally) affect us… and want to choose to buy – or make – their own.

It couldn't be easier! The number of online shops selling raw 100% natural ingredients and products are growing… a fantastic opportunity to catch the ingredient/product junkie bug and take the time to mix it up at home.

Our 3 top picks of UK online shops are:

... Raw ingredients, great all natural products, packaging for your own homemade goodies and blogs!

And for natural recipes, we love the
healthy and green living section of the Care 2 Website. A quick search will find you endless natural recipes to try for all areas of your life!


A Natural You... When Did You Start The Journey?

(I can only speak from what my experiences are and of those I talk to... so this is not a topic that I wish to use to generalise anyone. It's just an observation from my life... And a space to hear your thoughts on your observations and natural journey.)

A huge part of my own curiosity in natural living and ingredients was sparked during the period when I began my locing journey... Every forum and friend (online and offline) who has been part of my locing journey have all inspired me further to learn on this topic. So, I was curious to hear your experiences...

When did you start being more aware of the ingredients in your life?

For those of you who have natural hair - did your journey in learning about your natural hair also connect with your learning in natural ingredients?

Do you have any home-made recipes that you would like to share?

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