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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Natural Family: Slingin' It!

This is a topic of natural family care that I have always been fascinated by... And I recently had to do some research on for a friend.

The bond between mother and child is so beautiful and special ~ Our ancestors did it. A growing number of people are loving it!

Baby carrying is not a new concept in family care - but it seems to be a growing trend that I have been noticing over the last few years! More and more mums and dads are discovering the full benefits of using this method as a practical and easy form of bonding with their children... It's true to say from observation that the child always seem to be peaceful and calm.

Another trend that supports baby carrying is attachment parenting - it promotes healthy bonding, nurturing and growth between parents and children. Read the eight principles of attachment parenting for an insight into what it's about!

Baby wearing offers the parents a wide choice of colours, styles and online shops to choose from - so there are endless possibilities where you can choose what is right for you and your little one. For info on types of baby carrier slings/carrier and tips on how to choose, please read this.

For crafty mums/dads, why not try making your own sew lovely baby sling?!? It's easy to make and you can choose your own material patterns. For sewing instructions, read this.

Holistic Parenting From The Pan - Afrikan Perspective

We LOVE this website that is dedicated to holistic African parenting and provides so much information. It comes along with a book (as shown above) too, which you can buy directly from this website. There are numerous other websites out there...

It's something that the whole family can enjoy!
For a gallery of inspirational pics, click here.
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