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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Inner-View: Rosie Jones

In Her Words: Rosie Jones

"I can be summed up in 4 words: 'You make it so!' I am a firm believer that we have all been blessed with the enormous potential to do anything we put our focus onto. Things that have happened in my life have clearly shown me that. The only setbacks myself or others have met are the ones where someone other than myself or them held the reigns to realizing a dream or project. I am a disciple of self empowerment and I proclaim this to anyone who listens!"

What is your mission statement/quote for how you approach life?

I have a few such as 'Just (expletive) do it!' - a slight adjustment to Nike's mantra! But my most motivating one is 'You make it so!' When I sit there grizzling to myself about something that I am not happy with, it reminds me that it is up to me to change it.

Please tell us about your work and what inspired you in this direction?

I am a singer, writer, musician and producer. The rest of my time is taken up enjoying coaching. I am inspired by always wanting to know how things or people function. I have a scenario for you. A mother with a serious drink and drug problem has 2 daughters. She has spent time in jail for soliciting and selling drugs. Almost every week she sports a shiny new bruise or black eye where a punter or her latest loser boyfriend has hit her. The daughters have been exposed to horrendous arguments, bloody and drunken fights with many different men and this had been going on since the daughters were babies.

They are now sixteen. One of the daughters who left home at 13, almost inevitably is pregnant with her second child. She is a prostitute, addicted to crack and various other drugs which she also sells when she is not in jail. The other daughter on the other hand is a straight A's student. She recently was offered a place at Manchester University to study human psychology and social studies.

When the first daughter, the prostitute and jailbird, was asked why her life had taken the route it had taken, she answered, 'well it was obvious it would....because of my mother!'

The second straight A's student daughter when asked the same question answered, 'well it was obvious it would....because of my mother!'

The significance of anyones ability to take difficult beginnings, forget the excuses and make the choice to utilize it as daughter no.2 did is what inspires me every single day.

Has there been any particular memorable time in your Self journey where you faced Self challenge and changed/transitioned in your journey?

Yes when I was signed to yet another major label and feared that I would emerge from another useless deal, blinking into the daylight with nothing to show for it, wondering what just happened. I decided that I had to take on the business role as well as the creative one for which I was already consistently highly acclaimed. It did seem a little unfair to have to take on board everything and do it all myself when other artists simply turn up and are pointed to a mike stand after which they go off to get drunk and high, but such is life, particularly for a woman and a Black one at that.

How would you describe the creative-culture scene in the UK and London for those who are interested in finding out about it?

I'm on hiatus musically, so I don't currently know. I'm not paying attention. I usually get out there for a nose if I need fresh inspiration for a new album.

Do you have any daily spiritual or/and motivational rituals that keeps you focused in your Self growth and creativity?

Yes I take time out with myself to hear what my inner spirit and inner diva is really trying to tell me. I literally meditate in silence wherever I can find no interruptions by evil phones, TV, general hub bub and people. I let my subconscious mind tell me if my body is healthy or if my life goals are appropriate. It answers any questions I have when I listen hard enough in the silence. I put up a section on my website to help people who can't just escape to the gentle rustling bushes of Africa or a silent, no footprint desert to find their peace. It's called the The Calm Zone.

Could you recommend any must-read and must-see books and films that inspire you?

I would recommend that each person gets books that inspire them. If you are a fan of someone and you want to emulate a successful part of their life - get their books. Get books on general knowledge. Buy an atlas, get an encyclopedia. Use books to learn a new skill every year of your life.

What would be your top tips to being motivated and living in truth to Self?

On my website I have a 3 F's Lifeplan. The F's stand for Fun, Freedom and Finance.

Lets start with FUN! I often find that people take this whole motivation thing too seriously and almost revere it as a religion. Or maybe take life way too seriously. To me if you are not guffawing at least 3 times a week, something ain't right! You are not only probably not a very happy person but you are also denying your body's ability to replenish and heal itself through contented laughter. If this is you.......see me!

Now FREEDOM! If you are doing things out of some misplaced obligation to someone else - you are not free. If you are working at a job that gives you no inspiration, vigour or pleasure, you are not free. If you are drowning in debt, you are not free. If you are with a partner who gives you no reason to rejoice, you are not free. If you are single and have no ability to enjoy your own company, you are not free. We were all (on the most part) born free, there is nothing (but ourselves) that says we cannot remain that way.

And finally FINANCE! For those that tirelessly quote 'money doesn't bring you happiness', well, I am not speaking to them. In my experience these people usually have neither money or happiness. Money can bring enormous happiness, if you are already a happy person! Money just brings out more of what you are, more expensively! I have no time for people who deny money as a powerful tool to help oneself and others.

Do you have any advice/tips for anyone who may be wishing to take their creativity to a Higher-Self level?

Just (expletive) do it!

Please share any projects that you are working on.

Myself actually. What better project can there be?

Where do you see your Self in 10 years time?



Anonymous said...

Hi! Wow! What a fantastic and uplifting interview, loved reading every single word. Rosie has life and energy and enthusiasm sussed!! She is a wonderful person and we can all learn a hell of a lot from her words - i love the idea of encouraging yourself to learn a new skill every year. Really enjoyed reading this, thank you!
Nick, Bristol, UK.

Anonymous said...

oops! looks like me and another have put our comments in the wrong post so I'll repeat it here.

have had the pleasure of working on and off for Rosie and every day in the office is an inspirational journey! We have a lot of fun and things get done as she says. This interview captures the heart of what she is about but there is so much more!


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