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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Inner-View: Ife Safiya Piankhi Menfesawe-Imani

In Her Words:
Ife Safiya Piankhi Menfesawe-Imani

"I am a creative optimist with drive, who is deeply inspired by the natural world. Intensely intuitive, organized and curious I am learning to be more tender in order to draw the best from people.

However my fire is intensely hot, I can burn or warm so I'm learning to choose my words wisely."

What is your mission statement/quote for how you approach life?
I would have loved to have been raised like Osho whose grandparents never tried to control him but allowed him to find his way. Sometimes id like to be without a mission and just live. Enjoying everyday as it comes, not thinking about outcomes or results but alas that is not the world we live in so my approach is one of awareness, being present in all I do, learning to witness my thoughts and emotions, accepting them as they come as I realize that, like the clouds they change from moment to moment.

On a humanistic level I want the people and the lands of Africa to be liberated and self determined once again and for our stories and experiences to be valued.

Please tell us about your work and what inspired you in this direction?
Well I would describe myself as a multi talented artist. I am creative yet studious, practical yet theoretical. I currently run a project working with young people 16-25 encouraging them to volunteer in groups in their communities. I support them in developing project ideas and help them to source funding.

I am also a performance poet and have been inspiring audiences for nearly 20 years but when I started having my children I had to find another way of reaching people so I could be with my children so I started teaching and facilitating workshops. On a personal level I am currently developing a site in Ghana for the practice of Afrikan Yoga which is a lifestyle. My goal is to have no carbon footprint and live as close to the land as possible as I feel this is where my wisdom and understanding stem from. As a child my brother and I spent a lot of time outside in the garden and this has equipped me with many abilities. This experience of learning from nature is what I want to facilitate for the children of the world as I feel its invaluable to our continued stay on the planet.

Has there been any particular memorable time in your Self journey where you faced Self challenge and changed/transitioned in your journey?
Vipassana 10 day silent meditation, vision quest, an Akan fire ritual that lasted 24 hours straight and after which i had to drive back to London from Devon, intense, intensity, potent experiences. Everyday with my youngest daughter who is an elder in a little persons body telling me what to do. She is teaching me as is my partner not to impose my will, to allow people to be.

Please share your favourite affirmations.
I am in the love of All and All love is in me

Please share you favourite home-made recipe.
I do love salads, with cucumber, beetroot, rocket, coriander, tomatoes, hemp seeds, olive oil, tamari, garlic and onions. i enjoy combinations. I'm a big eater.

I enjoy eating avocado, humus and plantain
I love melons and mangoes especially just before my period, I like nuts especially almonds and Okra yum.

I could eat fruits all day, I think I'm a fruitarian at heart.

Do you have any daily spiritual or/and motivational rituals that keeps you focused in your Self growth?
Yes I practice meditation and yoga every morning before I start the day. I try to attend at least one ritual a year. I read a lot and seek to apply the knowledge I learn. My performances are also like a meditation I gain a lot of joy from sharing my work.

As a family, what core values do you work on together and what activities do you like to do?
I think we are endeavour to speak to each other in as non violently a way as possible. It's a continuous learning curve as its not something that comes naturally. I'm learning and practicing. I'm teaching my children to have awareness of themselves. We enjoy camping and traveling and being together. If I reflect on my wife swap experience my family is not about having things, I think we just enjoy each others company and conversations.

Could you recommend any must-read and must-see books, websites or films that inspire you?
I have just seen the Great Debaters which was excellent. I enjoyed Sankofa and 500 years later. I do like watching Black Movies - Do the Right Thing, Brown Sugar, Belly, Eve's Bayou, the list is endless. Books – anything by Osho at the moment, I'm enjoying autobiographies. I tend to read more than one book at a time.
My partner Pablo's book is very inspiring Afrikan Yoga a practical guide to Smai postures and meditation. I love the futuristic work of Octavia Butler and have read all of her books.

What would be your top tips to being motivated and living in truth to Self?
Be open to learning, be inquisitive and curious. Take time to be still and quiet to listen hear and feel. Learn to witness yourself. Learn to accept yourself warts and all.

Seek to understand the true meaning of Love which is not assured, allow yourself to be vulnerable and out of control at times. Understand the laws of Tehuti or the hermetic laws as they are often called, through them all things are understood about life on this plane. Accept that this realm is not the only reality.

Take courses, expand yourself and your thinking. Be prepared to be challenged.

Do you have any advice/tips for anyone who may be wishing to take holistic health to a professional level?
You can't heal others if you haven't healed yourself. In fact I don't believe in healing others. We enable others to heal themselves, otherwise we are teaching people to give up the responsibility for their own well being/health. I don't agree with that. I think it breeds dependency and we need to learn to be inter dependent not co dependent. That means we learn to share our gifts, to exchange. Everybody who visits me for guidance has something to teach me. We are all experts in something. All the answers we require are within ourselves. The role of the holistic practitioner is to facilitate that transformation, that inner awareness.

Please share any projects that you are working on.
I'm currently one of the mayors London Leaders for Sustainability, my pledge over the year is to organize events where we get to learn and experience the benefits of nature. There will be a residential at the end of July early August to Dorset for 7 days. Our experiences in nature will then inform 5 days of Summer University workshops happening in Merton with work created performed in venues across South London. For further details contact me at or Along with my partner we are developing a natural play site in Ghana for the healing and restoration of our culture. We need volunteer architects, carpenters, builders, farmers for the first stage of development and for the second stage anyone with the awareness and desire to live life as simply as possible in order to raise the vibration of the planet which is part of a cosmic order. My partner Pablo Imani is also organizing Afrikan Yoga Retreats to Ghana the first being in January 2009 full details can be obtained at or by emailing us at

Where do you see your Self in 10 years time?
In Ghana, maturing graceful with a continuous smile on my face as I welcome travelers from all over the globe. Touring occasionally across Africa, making music, writing, growing food, selling my surplus, teaching, nurturing myself and family. Being self sufficient and content.


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