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Lions Mountain said...

I love your blog, i love the fact that your a fellow brit that really taps into the cultural london for the world to see. i always tap into your site for spiritual, musical, loced and social inspiration. i hope you dont leave. even if you update monthly that would be great!! im telling you, forget buying magazines when you have a sight like yours.

However if you feel you have a calling elsewhere then follow that journey it will lead to great things. one thing i would love to see, are loced beauties, its had to find fellow freeformers like myself ...

take care
AFB xx

Hair We Grow Natural 100% said...

Great inspiriraional views on London and life. I love your hair and Im sure you would love our products, they are We guaranteed to be paraben free, petrochemical free, mineral oil free, toxin free we believe in organic natural products and environmentally friendly practices.Check us out at - spread the good news!!!

Sasa said...

Hello. I sent you an email before realising there was a guestbook and thought you deserved another comment. I love your views on London, makes me see it in a completely different light. Just thought some more "Holistic lifestyle for dummies" articles :P could also be good, seeing as I'm still learning. Especially on meditation, incense, crystals and other organic natural products. Maybe some pictures of loced beauties as well, they're pretty inspiring!

Brittany Owens, Filmmaker, Editor, Photographer said...

I love this blog! One of my favorite things online!

I think a good natural inspiration pic would be something of Damali Ayo (if you haven't already featured her).


I have followed this blog for awhile and it blows my mind every time I visit! Absolutely wonderful!

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Crystal Afro (on google) said...

Hi there, your blog is one of my favourites, so this week I've selected it as blog of the week on my natural hair facebook page - Crystal Afro.
I'll share a link to one of your posts everyday. I do absolutely love your page and find it so inspiring. Keep doin what u do.
Luv Crystal xx

Susan said...

I just found your site and I LOVE it. The ballerina video really hit home with me. I wanted to be a ballerina as a child and was told that "black girls cannot be ballerinas". Being from South Central Los Angeles, ofcourse I never saw or heard of an African American ballerina. To this day (many, many years later) I still really believe I could have been a great ballet dancer.

Keep up the great work with this blog, it's powerful!

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