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Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Equinox Energy 2013

Waking from hibernation!
Waking from hibernation!
As many of you may know, I am a meditation teacher and therapist so I love doing readings about the seasons etc. Here is one about this week for your meditation work!
Spring Equinox Energy 2013
This time of the year is always a strong one, an extension of all the hard work you have been doingover the Moon months of Autumn/Winter and during the last few weeks with Mercury Retrograde… some might even say this should be the authentic New Year beginning! And especially this year, after the whole 2012 energy shift in the Winter that we are now finishing, there feels like an extra hit of restless energy to move on…
Spring cleaning gets deeper!
As we shift our energy from the lower chakras (emotions, personal connections to others and our material world, like job/home/etc) upwards, this Spring might feel as though there needs to be an extra ultimate change in some areas in your life, as well as the usual Spring cleaning of your home... Spring cleaning on a whole new level!
At this point, the energy calls us to be honest and brave… And ask: What is it I know really needs to go (physically/mentally/spiritually)? How can I do this?
Bursts of Solar plexus
This burst of energy comes from our Solar plexus and the Sun… Taking inspiration from nature, you may have already noticed sprinkles of yellow around you – like daffodils, sunshine etc. Nature is connecting to our Solar plexus, which is very easily opened and shut… it deals with moving forward, facing our fears, making decisions with tricky choices, gaining confidence to be honest to Self and others about the next step forward…
Your Solar plexus (lower chest chakra) is a great spot breathe deeply into when you are feeling down, overwhelmed with anxiety/lack of energy/confusion/facing fears etc. It is the perfect chakra to connect with for a quick boost of energy during the day, when you need to project confidence. A wonderful time to use this tool :)
Set your intentions for the upcoming Sun months
Spring/Summer is ahead… yay :) …A time for external focus, putting all the work you did internally over the last few months on show… a time for being playful, enjoying outdoor life, being more active and Self expression.
Take a moment to set your intentions… what would you like to invite and explore in Spring/Summer 2013?
Third Eye guidance meditation
A simple energy exercise to try: Focus on the point between your eyebrows, your third eye chakra. This is the place where we observe and spot opportunities, receiving clarity and inspiration. Breathe in deeply and ask anything you like… trust that when the time is right and with all your hard work, you will spot the answers.
Watch this video:
Return to the heart
And as nature wakes up, green is a key colour! Green connects to our heart chakra… the center that brings our higher chakras with our lower chakras. The center point.
Spring is the season of love – all types of love! This is a great season to focus on giving to your Self, to others and to what you do. Connect to the things/people/places that make you feel love…
The key work is *feel*. Connect with your feeling center – what makes you feel good, passionate and happy? Return to your heart :)

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