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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Riots. And Lessons.

Spent the day literally picking up pieces from the left over of the riots.  Sad, SAD!
Let's face it, it's make or break for every country right now in the deep rooted issues that matter.
Changing times.


Expanding Beauty said...

I hear you on this, I've been having similar thoughts. Glad to see you're safe and ok. Stay well and let's fight to win back our humanity.

Jc said...

Honestly, I feel that the young people of London let themselves down. The only message I got was that people are greedy. The shops that were raided were chosen for commercial goods with a resale value (i.e footlocker, mobile phone shops).

It is pure and utter nonsense to start talking about social issues in the same breath.

Non violent, peaceful, targeted and persistent marches are a more powerful way to highlight a cause. Lobbying and campaigning via MPs and public speaking work. It was not and never has been a hopeless situation.

The riots were plain robbery, I feel no sympathy or common ground in any sense with the rioters/robbers.