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Friday, 17 June 2011

That B Word!

Wow. You probably have caught on to the fact that we just had a full moon and total lunar eclipse... and with it comes a lot of movements and changes that I know a lot of people  in my life have been feeling, including my Self! It's been wild lol! Testing at times. And my body responded to it so perfectly also.

((drum roll))

That B word is... BOUNDARIES.

Looking out for key topics at this point is crucial as it's a fab time to *really* question what it is that is not right in your life or that needs change or even a push towards a simple re-consideration/modification on your own viewpoint on that certain issue.

For me, this is the topic and the Universe has presented so many angles on this topic over the last 2 days... all at once. This video explains it perfectly and a true reminder to me of proper "energy management" in my life with boundaries. 

It's a topic that a lot of clients also discuss with me, almost all the time... and although I do go along the same lines of explaining it to them, it's easy to take it for granted in my own life. tut tut I know! Hey, I'm not perfect and I know this is a weak spot for me. The title for this blog post soon became very clear when I saw this video... Enjoy!

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