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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Take A Walk Through... ABUNDANCE!

There are so many people I have met over the last few years that I admire... for different reasons - whether it is because they started up a new business, moved country or simply just did the BC for the millionth time time to get some new energy back! There are many more examples!

So, what did they all have in common - The belief in ABUNDANCE.

I had a chat with one of these friends and she put it so simply:
"In these testing times, we are constantly being told that there is NOT ENOUGH out there - there is no abundance... in other words, there is not enough of what YOU want to put out there and find in the world... whether it is that dream job, business, finding the amazing relationships/friendships and anything that requires you to be open to finding new things that suit your journey NOW. Do you believe in ABUNDANCE?"

And it put the whole topic of fear and courage into perspective. In order to move forward and take sensible calculated risks, there needs to be a huge dose of belief in abundance and trust in it.... And it also helps to let things go when you realise that you don't *need* to hold on to things in your life that are no longer serving your Higher purpose (or those involved too!). 

You realise (Real-I-Rise) that you can take that chance to believing that you can get to ______(fill in the blank)... that hard work, support and Self belief will get you to where you need to be. It won't be easy, there will be people who fear your changes (as it will begin to question their own journey/beliefs), but there will also be those with good advice/tips/opinions... listen to them and decide what it right for you!

Appreciate where you are, where you were and where you can go... believing in abundance is real!

Q: What has been your experience in your belief of abundance and how has this helped you or worked against you?

1 comment:

RighteousIsis said...

Abundance is KEY!!! Yess but how do you unlock the key to abundance??? Mantra's are quite important yet so many ppl subconsciously do not believe in can they unlock abundance where there is no belief?? And if they earnestly seek abundance but still haven't reached this, how can they retrieve it??? :-(