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Thursday, 9 June 2011

5 Summer Holistic/Creative Inspirations!

I haven't done a proper blog in here for AGES! So, where have I been? With the hotter days, I'm trying to make the most of it! Which has meant that FB, Blogger and other online websites haven't been on my mind as much!

This blog post is more like a summary of mini holistic/creative inspiration bites that I've been doing/seeing/enjoying lately! Simple, but make me smile!

Summer Tea Party! 

Now that it has mildly stopped pouring down with rain, Smmer tea parties are perfect... create your own vibe with meditations, music, good friends and these lovely little gems that always steal the show! Flowering teas...

Block Party!

After the British royal wedding and everyone talking about neighbourhood block parties, I couldn't help but enjoy a few less traditional ones at my end of London!

Turning Into A Soup-Aholic!

I'm not a fan of diets - I just feel that eating healthy with exercise always does the trick! But what I do observe is that during the Summer, I am less likely to eat as much as in the colder months... it's always been this way for me! So, to keep it healthy and quick, I'm getting into Summer soups... here is one I eat often a this time of year.

Walking My Way To Feeling Good!

I don't drive so public transport is a big part of my life - it can really put me in a bad mood with the crowds and as for Summer heat... smelly sweaty armpits right over my head in the train is something I'll do ANYTHING to avoid. Solution? WALK!!! 

I went on a recent holiday for just 3 days and I walked everywhere in the new city - I lost 5 kilos which was the fastest I've ever lost any weight! And I felt GOOD!

Barefoot Healing!

Summer means bearing our feet in cute sandals... but it can also mean enjoying the sensations of walking or jogging barefoot! Of course, not recommended on city side walks or places where dog doo-doo and dirty puddles run wild... but walking in the park on the grass feels amazing! Would you believe that it also has some great health benefits too lol... read here.

Enjoy ;o)

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