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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Fitness Talk: Short & Intense!

Like most women with a hectic daily schedule. it's easy to fall off a fitness routine... I've been looking into shorter and more intense ways to keep fit - which works just as well as putting in that daily hour workout! In fact, Oprah had a great article on her website (read here) that explains it very well!

So saying this, I found a great workout blog by a girl with an *insane* fit body that strongly believes in short intense interval training sessions that you can do at home - and it really does get your heart racing, even just after 5 mins! Try it!

The link of the day is 
(drums please....brbrbrbrbr):
Body Rocker TV

I'm a fan of the 6 minute workout right now, building up to a longer session! (Read full post)

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