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Monday, 7 March 2011

"L" Is For Life Lesson


I like to use visualisation when things come up and practice living in the moment at the same time, active meditation as it's better known. And this big RED L plate always springs to mind when I get moments which forces me to stop and really *see* a lesson for what it is!

Here is a recent situation that came up that saw the big RED L: Wow, last week I could have killed some people who were messing me about in business. Some people like to push their luck, to see how far they go and what they can get out of you when you're genuinely trying to help and work with them... in my case, I was making plans and we had come to an agreement on a project. That is until out of the blue, they decide to do a total U-turn on me at the last minute which was very unprofessional and left me in an awkward situation with other people who we were working with us and expecting bookings! I have always said to everyone I work with that if they have a problem/issue at any point, let me know so we can work together to sort it out... everything was going smoothly, a great act?!? Hmmmm. So this was a shock. Even after that, they had the nerve to keep pushing me by making cheeky  requests for their needs... I was fuming, especially as it was all literally at the last minute and I had wasted a lot of time and bookings for them. One thing I truly value in people I work with is reliability!

The weekend came... I had time to reflect and de-stress... and I realised one thing that made it all better: 

"Everyone we meet (even if it's the WORST experience lol!), is there to teach us a valuable lesson about our journey and what we can achieve!" 

Fwd >>> So, it's now Monday and I assertively (but politely and professionally) put my foot down to everything. It's cruel to be kind sometimes but it works... and they felt the pinch.  After all the reflection work, I realised that in the long run, it really was for the best because it could have been a real disaster down the line!

But I now know and realise that this was meant to happen... Truthfully, I had been afraid to do a big project like this alone for some time and it was only through this experience and  meeting the people who let me down, that I can learn to trust my Self more in doing bigger projects - that I don't need other people's approval or so-called expertise to value my own.

I am left feeling excited and all the negative has turned positive just because of that life lesson!  #LifeLessons

When have you seen the BIG L?

3 comments: said...

peace. i love your site. you are a reflection of me. and yes Sis. our lives are created by us. mirrors no doubt. - I just got a BIG message to myself while typing to YOU! LOL. // our experiences DEF are teachers, lovers and tools on our journey (should we choose to accept it) into ....self. much love. ~a.jewell said...

the L for me is reading this site (check the link ) and cleaning up my faves on my computer and stopping @ this particular entry you made. so, someone is definitely tryna tell me something. i'm passing the link on b/c it SO flys with what you wrote as well. peace ~ a.jewell

India said...

"I don't need other people's approval or so-called expertise to value my own."

YESYESYES!!! Other people's approval is none of my business!! ;)