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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Dayna Lynn- Electricmind Astrology

I'm forever searching for more reliable websites/books/links/etc on astrology - I have been drawn towards lunar astrology in the last fews years and it's worked really well so far!

I often feel that choosing an astrology reader/writer is like choosing a crystal to use... you have to be drawn to them and the way they express their readings to you. Translating astrology readings to others feels like a form of story-telling... there will naturally be certain people who you feel tell the story and transmit that energy in tune with yours. This lady is a recent find through FB and she has been spot on all the time for me - please see her website.

Dayna Lynn - An accomplished Progressive Soul/Jazz singer, composer/songwriter (see website) and an Astro-Metaphysicist. Her voice is beautiful! And here is a recent video from her!

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