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Saturday, 1 January 2011

World Film: Skin

HAPPY 2011!!!

As always, the last few days of the year are a time for reflection... but I'm realising more and more that every day is a chance for this and a good opportunity to change things and make new resolutions! This last couple of days felt different though... It just feels like this New year really was the release of the last decade and I'm feeling an amazing new energy...

One of the things I did promise my Self to do was to catch up on films that for some reason I missed completely when they were released... and this was one that made me cry! The fantastic British actress Sophie Okonedo (you'll probably know her best from the film "Hotel Rwanda) stars in this too... (see website)

Excellent movie!!!
If you haven't watched it already, please do ;o)


Aisha said...

Happy New Year!

Coily Mystic said...

really want to see this!!!!