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Monday, 20 December 2010

Affirm-ative: "I Deserve..."

I'm a huge believer in the power of affirmations... a few a day keeps negativity at bay!

They work on such a deep subconscious level, almost like re-programming and training your whole belief system. Think of your mind like a computer being re-programmed to use new software... it may take time to download and get familiar with the new data, but in a short space of time and with regular use, it becomes very easy to work with and part of the normal day-to-day system! Your thoughts are constantly active and defining your belief system - which in turn affects what you attract, your ability to recognise opportunities and the choices you ultimately make.

Today, I want to get back to basics with affirmations. It's so easy to work with the "bigger picture", but its always good to get back to using words that empower the affirmation... and there are many ways and words that can be sued to do this!

I LOVE any affirmation that begins with "I DESERVE...".

I remember using this as basis of my affirmations when I was starting my locing journey and I was going through the teenage phase, my locs were wild, I felt I lost control and other people weren't supportive of my choice. So, I chose to use the affirmation "I deserve to love my natural hair, just as it is!" I would say it to my Self anytime I felt disheartened with the locing journey and when I felt negativity... This soon grew to other parts of my life...

Some of my favourites...

"I deserve to enjoy this moment!"
"I deserve to have people in my life that accept and love me for who I am!"
"I deserve to have the right job that will satisfy and challenge me to do what I love!"
"I deserve to be truly happy right now!"
"I deserve tro love my body, just as it is now!"
" I deserve to be treated with love and respect!"

So often, without even realising it, we can limit our potential because we don't always feel like we truly deserve what we want... this may even lead to Self-sabotage if the thing we desires comes our way. "I deserve" reminds us that with hard work and knowing that we deserve to be happy, it is possible to get what we want in life!

Tips: Reclaim the first 5 minutes of your day as your own... when you wake up and you're still in bed is your own space to say your affirmation. Choose 3 different affirmations for different areas in your life and stick to the same ones for a month, so your mind has time to process it fully. Of course, you can always change them if you feel the affirmation is not right for you. you don't have to say it out loud - it can be done in your head anywhere!

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Anonymous said...

great entry. thanks for the reminder. and self-sabatoge sucks! :( lol