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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Daily Om: Meditation On A Busy Day!

Hey guys!!! I wanted to do a quick post on the topic of meditation... I get a lot of questions from clients on this topic...

The most common one is: "I just don't have the time to sit and meditate as often as I would like - what can I do?"

OK, so in a perfect world we all could probably do with an hour of relaxing/meditation/"me" time-out from the hectic world! How perfect would that be?!? Not impossible of course, but even the most experienced meditators will have days where it might not always be practical (timing, schedules, other commitments etc) to fit that in every day. 

So, what's the next best thing?

Back to basics: All it takes to really be in an active meditation is the focus on the breath, the awareness of you and your environment. And this can be done almost any where! How liberating is that thought lol?!?

Now that's said... how do we do this on a busy day?

An example: I like to practice a walking meditation on the way to work. I know it will be hectic when I get to the destination, but I have chosen routes of my journey where I can just get away from the crowded street and walk at my own pace without being run over by pedestrians. When I reach the quieter areas...

Firstly, I begin to focus on my breath and try to synchronise it with my steps..."inhale-1-2-exhale-3-4-inhle-1-2-exhale-3-4"... you can space it out for longer periods where you hold your breathe for 3 steps instead of 2... I imagine any negativity/stress being released every time I exhale...

I then feel how my body is while walking... where are my carrying stress while I walk? Are my shoulders relaxed? Is my chest tight (where I hold a lot of stress and shallow breathing)? I feel this area especially open as it get wider every time I inhale, like a ballooon ...

Lastly,  I look around - while keeping my breathing/step pattern. I felt so much joy today just walking past a park, I admired some people who were taking time to sit in the freezing cold and watch the world go by. I enjoyed the Winter golden sunshine and how it bounced off the leaves... In doing this, I kept my breath/step pattern in mind... all of this was done in just a walk past a park on my way to work. And that is meditation in its Self.

Don't get fooled to thinking mediation has to be only in a lotus position, seated in a quiet room with incense and music... It can be done almst anywhere - almost any time that you have a few minutes to spare... simply by returning to your breath, your body and taking note of the positive things around you. Try it nd let me know how it worked for you!

Where will you be doing your active meditation?

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