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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

UK Poetry Scene: Indigo Williams - The Wrong Truth

I did a simple experiment... you know how you type words in the google search and they then continue to give you examples of what the popular searches are...

I typed in... "Why are Black women"... and left google do the rest...

Try it sometime on many other unfinished sentences and you won't believe the crap that comes up lol.

Then it reminded me of this wonderful poet that speaks on this.. I found the video on Writer's Block (a website celebrating UK poets, events and all things creative).

The perfect title and words.

1 comment:

deborah evans said...

When I googled this phrase ("Why are black women so...), the following appeared:

so rude
so loud
so angry
so overweight

I would love to have some demographics on who's asking this question, but it means either in real life or in the media this image has gotten so strong thatt it defines us in cyberspace.