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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Gratitude Experiment: Rescue Of Chile Miners

The world watches the rescue of the miners that have been traped for weeks... and it brought tears to my eyes! 


I love stories like these! And many people all around the world are tuning in to live coverage, feeling the same.

So, today's reflection is to share a little something from The Gratitude Experiment (visit their website):

The Gratitude Experiment- HOW TO PARTICIPATE

Welcome to The Gratitude Experiment! We are out to prove the theory that practicing “proactive” gratitude on a daily basis transforms our lives…creates more joy, more aliveness, more love, more peace and multiplies our blessings…massively attracting more good to us.

What makes the practice of gratitude “proactive” is that it includes these three elements…

1.) Search for things, events and people in your life…on a daily basis…for which to be grateful. Be specific. Some days take more searching than others. But, set your intention to be aware throughout the day that you are looking for something to be grateful for.

2.) Celebrate those things. Begin to really feel good about each one. Give a good “woo-hoo;” do a little dance; sing a song, or just allow yourself to feellike…”yeah, my life is indeed blessed!”

3.) Document at least 5 things for which you are grateful daily. You can do this either in your own journal, on this blog in the “comments” section, or on the Gratitude Experiment community on Facebook (The Gratitude Experiment on Facebook) Sharing what you are grateful for increases the energy around it, which then draws to you more to be grateful for. You can do this without mentioning specific names or locations to keep your privacy.
We want to actively appreciate everything around us, everything in our lives that is good…and even those things which don’t feel so good right now…because every challenge in our lives has a gift hidden within it. Our part is to look for that gift and call it forth. That helps us release the struggle and grow.

Practicing proactive gratitude transforms us from a victim to a co-creator with the Source. We effectively unhook ourselves from the mindless habit of focusing on what’s not going right, who is to blame, and how bad the world is treating us. It’s as if we have been looking at the world through dirty, grimey glasses. Practicing gratitude cleans the lenses so that we can see all the beauty and all the blessings that have always been there. We begin to sense that we are loved and our lives are blessed. That helps us open up to receive more and more good.

Consistency is key. It’s only when we incorporate intentional gratitude as a daily routine does it become proactive. Practicing daily proactive gratitude gradually becomes a habit pattern in our consciousness and begins to shift our energy in the balance of the positive. And it is then that we become magnetic to more blessings.

To participate with us, here’s all you need to do:

Come to the site daily (bookmark us for easy access), read the most recent post, and click on the “Comment” button. Post your list of 1 to 5 gratitudes right there in the comment section. Or, on Facebook, you can “Like” The Gratitude Experiment and simply post your gratitudes there.

While at the Facebook community, read through the page of gratitudes. Take it in and allow the joy of that experience to flood your being. While you are reading others lists of gratitude, celebrate for them. We’re all connected on some level and celebrating other’s blessings opens us up for similar blessings to occur in our lives.

The more people who practice proactive gratitude, the more energy builds…the kind of energy that transforms the world. We will be, in fact, transforming the world one gratitude at a time.
What do you feel grateful for right now???

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Adjua said...

I absolutely love this idea, thank you so much!