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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another Boho Winter!

This is the time of year where a small part of me used to go into mourning lol... I'm pretty much a Spring/Summer kinda girl and the thought of the clock turning back and the days getting darker does make things feel a little glum...

Thank goodness for fashion though! A new season is a time for a clean-up and change to the clothing we wear, which effects mood. 

And one thing that I am trying to get out of the habit of is dimming down the colours when it gets cold. It's contageos!!! Example: I was standing in the top balcony space of Liverpool street station on a Satruday, people watching - and I swear I could count with one hand how many people were not wearing +50% black clothing - on a weekend! In fact, below on the main part of the station was a whole sea of people wearing dim colours... I also remember when I took a recent trip to Europe with my Spanish cousin and I was getting ready to head back to London, she turned around and smiled saying, "You're back to the London dark dungeon again lol! Where even the clothing is all dark!". A continental joke, she laughs. Yeah, I need colour in my life!

OK, I'm getting off topic about what I really came in here to post about lol... Bringing BOHO into Winter.

Despie, going on aand on just now about not wearing dark colours, I do have a soft spot for earthy tones... And purple is a colour I seem to unconsciously be wearing a lot of these days too... 

I like to mix and match styles...and boho styling is one of my favourite! Very easily done in Summer... Now, how about when the rest of the year is colder?

So, I'm leaving this space to you... 

How do you bring boho chic to your Autumn/Winter clothing??? 

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Coily Mystic said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!